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The Global Startup Awards - SAARC celebrates the spirit of entreprenurship in the SAARC startup ecosystem. We recognize the excitement, risk and hard-work involved in developing a startup and the influence each person has on driving the success of their company. GSA - SAARC aims to bring light to exemplary entrepreneurship and inspire a networking community of entrepreneurs, startups and their ecosystem supporters.

Benefits of partnering with GSA SAARC


For GSA SAARC there is no such thing as sponsorships. We only operate with partnerships
since it is all about creating multi-beneficial agreements. In order to get the most out of a partnership
between GSA SAARC and you, it’s all about ensuring that value is delivered in both ways.


A partnership with GSA SAARC will not only grant you and your organization high profile exposure
and exclusive opportunities but further strengthen your position and brand. By entering a partnership
with GSA SAARC, you and your organization not only demonstrates its commitment to the entrepreneurial community but simultaneously open doors for you to a network.


Partnerships with GSA SAARC are always individual since every partner has different needs. Every partnership is designed to associate your brand with a prestigious global event, which in the end results in maximum exposure and branding for your company.

SAARC part of the Global Startup Awards


GSA SAARC is part of the Global Startup Awards, providing annual spotlight to those who dare to dream big and shape the way our future will look. Bringing together amazing ideas and best talents from 4 regions, 25 countries across the globe to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and startups.

Past and Present Partners

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We at GSA SAARC are really looking forward to all our shows in 2017 and to further connecting startup ecosystems across regions. We do hope that you would like to be part of it. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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